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Privacy & Safety

The collection of your information is solely for the use of myself and/or the event host. Contact information will not be made available to any third parties or used for any marketing reasons.

Event results and information is advertised on multiple social media accounts. Your entry in any AA Barrel Racing or associated event implies your expressed consent to include you in such advertisements or posts.

Events and Hosting Committees

Events hosted by the Boyle & District Agricultural Society may be advertised here to help to promote their event. Advertising or hosting the entry system for such events does not in any way indicate that I am taking over their event or profiting from such events - online entries are new to all of us in the wake of the Covid pandemic and we are just working together to try to improve the system for both the users and contestants.


Entry information will be made available to the host committee. All payments are to be made directly to the host, rather than myself, unless otherwise arranged or advertised.

If you would like to utilize the entry system for your upcoming event, please email inquiries to

Payment Methods

All payments - entry fees - for Boyle & District Agricultural Society's events are to be submitted via e-transfer to There will be no payments accepted via this website.


Payments for orders for the Cowgirl Record Books can be submitted via PayPal or e-transfer.


Shipping of merchandise will be done via Canada Post. Tracking numbers will be available. More information coming soon as the online store is still under development.

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